It is Multimedia isMedia

Core Technologies

This section describes isMedia’s core technologies.
Software technology

isMedia offers experience software development personnel and accumulated know-how to
develop the software for accurate and quick camera module inspection in various areas such as
the image processing software, embedded software, and application program software.
isMeida also has the capability to develop the user-centered and friendly GUI (graphic user
interface) through its extensive field experience.


The high-precision electrical circuit
design technology that is comparable to
semiconductor systems and the
high-speed signal processing circuit desig
technology enables isMedia to design
the integrated products that can operate
the latest high-speed camera sensors.
isMedia owns the high-performance circuit
design know-how to fulfill customers’
requirements.Integrating the optimized
firmware technology enables efficient
product development."


The application of the equipment design
method using the cutting-edge design
techniques such as the 3D CAD, dynamic
analysis, and animation action analysis
enables the optimal CCM tester and
assembly systems that deploy the low cost,
small size, and high UPH.
isMedia owns the design know-how to
make the optimal equipment the custom
ers want based on the extensive equip
ment development experience of
considering the moving path of personnel
and the field layout at the highest priority
to fulfill customers’ requirements.

Optical application technology

isMedia verifies the assembly suitability of optical components with
the simulation using optical modeling and designs and applies the optical module
for the efficient operation of the camera module inspection and manufacturing
equipment and other vision inspection equipment.