It is Multimedia isMedia


encourages the happiness of its employees isMedia.
01 Flex-time
  • isMedia operates a program that allows employees to begin work at 10 AM and leave work 30 minutes early to ease the burden of commuting during rush hours and to encourage management of personal leisure.
02 Family Day
  • All employees leave work early one day each month, as part of the policy for family-friendliness and leisure.
03 Optional welfare point program
  • Employees can accumulate welfare points that
    can be used like cash online and offline.
04 Support for medical costs
  • Employees, as well as their spouses and families,
    are eligible for the medical welfare program.
05 Support for employee's college education
  • isMedia supports employees who want to continue their education or personal development in relation to their current job, as determined by review according to company policy.
06 Support for children’s education expenses
  • isMedia supports the educational costs of employee’s children who are attending high school or college.
07 Long-term employment award
  • isMedia provides rewards and sabbatical to long-term employees who have been with the company for 5, 10, and 15 years.
08 In-house recommendation award
  • Employees who recommend potential employees are entitled to a bonus if isMedia hires the recommended person.
09 Patent award
  • isMedia provides an incentive to encourage patent
    registration and outstanding R&D outcomes.
10 In-house suggestion and business
improvement suggestion program
  • isMedia gathers opinions and suggestions for rewarding good ideas and reflecting them in company operation immediately.
11 Employee club operation and support
  • isMedia operates employee clubs for sports, education, and cultural activities and provides some fund if the clubs meet certain conditions.
12 Mentoring program
  • isMedia operates the mentor-mentee system for new employees to adapt to the company environment early and enhance ties with existing employees.
13 Assistance of business operation expenses
for each team
  • Each team is eligible for business operation funds for morale improvement, team building, and meetings, in addition to the monthly get-together.
14 Support for Daemyeong Resort
(condo and hotel)
  • isMedia provides the usage of tickets for the national Daemyeong Resort (condo and hotel) chain for vacation of employees and their families.
15 Support for dormitory
  • isMedia operates a dormitory for employees from
    other regions.
16 Support for meals
  • isMedia pays for employees' lunch and dinner.