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Privacy Management Policy

'isMedia (hereafter 'the Company') places great importance on user's personal information and strives to comply with the Act on Promotion of 
Information and Communications Network Utilization, Etc. and the Personal Information Protection Act. 

The Company’s privacy management policy informs users of the purposes for which their personal information will be used,
how the information will be used, and which measures will be taken to protect their privacy.
The Company will notify of any changes to its privacy management policy through its website.

0. General Provisions
  'The term "personal information" means information relating to a living individual that makes it possible to identify the individual by 
   his/her full name, resident registration number, image, etc. (including information which, if not by itself, makes it possible to identify
   any specific individual if combined with other information).

   The Company has established procedures necessary to amend the personal information processing policy to continually improve 
   the personal information processing policy. A revision number is assigned when the personal information processing policy 
   is amended so that user's can quickly identify the revision.

   This policy will be effective beginning September 1, 2018, and the Company will notify of it on its website when it is amended.

1. Collected Personal Information
   1) Collected personal information
      The Company collects the following information from its website users.
     - Online inquiry and feedback: Nationality, name, company name, email address, and contact number
     - Application: Name, date of birth, gender, home address, mobile phone number, email address, educational background, awards and
       merits, and foreign language fluency

2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
   The Company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.
     - Recruitment, online inquiry, and feedback
    ※ The Company does not process any sensitive information (including ideology, belief, admission to or withdrawal from a trade union
       or political party, political opinions, health, sexual life, or other personal information) that is likely to threaten the privacy of any 
       user noticeably.
3. The Period for Retaining and Using Personal Information
   The Company will destroy personal information after achieving the purpose of collection.
   However, the Company will retain the information for the period specified by regulation if the regulation requires its retention.

4. The Procedure and Method of Discarding Personal Information
   The Company will discard personal information based on the following procedure and methods.

  (1) Procedure
   The Company will discard a user's personal information after the purposes for its collection have been satisfied, in accordance with the 
   Company's internal policies regarding information protection and other relevant regulations.
   The Company will not use personal information moved to a separate database for any purposes other than storage, 
   unless otherwise specified by law.

  (2) Method
   The Company will delete personal information saved in an electronic file format using a technical method that does not allow regeneration.
   The Company will destroy personal information printed on paper by shredding or incinerating it.
5. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties
   The Company will not provide its user’s personal information to any third party. However, personal information can be provided given 
   the following exceptions.
     - An investigative agency requested it according to the regulations of applicable laws or according to procedures stipulated in law for 
       the purpose of an investigation.

6. Rights of the User and Legal Agent, and Exercise of the Rights
   1) You may withdraw consent for the collection, use, and provision of your personal information through the application process.
     - The Company will immediately take necessary measures such as deleting your personal information if you contact us by email.
   2) The Company will take the necessary measures to make it easier to withdraw consent to the collection of personal information 
      (delete applications) than to collect personal information.